Support Files

BLE-Shield Files Arduino Sketches 2012-08-22 Thermometer Sketch v1.0.0 2012-07-11 RFID Tag Reader Sketch v1.0.0 2012-07-11 Software Serial Demo Sketch v0.9.2 Eagle and BLE-Shield Firmware Files 2012-10-22 From version 1.0.0 onwards the Eagle design files and the firmware files are available via Github 2012-08-28 BLE Shield 0.9.2 Schematic (PDF) 2012-08-12 Firmware for BLE Shield v0.9.3 2012-06-03 Eagle Files v0.9.2 2012-06-03 Firmware for BLE Shield v0.9.2 Other Files BLE-Microcell 2013-01-04 Firmware Files