BTstack LE Arduino Shield

Hello everyone it is quite a bit time ago when the BTstack LE Arduino Shield was developed and finally available at Seeedstudio’s Bazaar for sale using the following link: In this blogpost I will quickly demonstrate how the BTstack LE Shield can be used with an Arduino/Genuino Zero to act as an iBeacon Scanner. As usual working with additional Arduino Libraries is very easy. Just follow the description provided by BlueKitchen at the following link: http://bluekitchen-gmbh.

BLE-Shield v3.0.0 available for sale now!

Hello everyone the BLE-Shield v3.0.0 is now available for sale in Seeedstudio’s Bazaar. Please follow this link to navigate to it’s product page. Thank you very much Michael

BTstack LE Arduino Shield available at Seeedstudio’s Bazaar

Hello Makers! A while ago Matthias Ringwald @mringwal (co-founder of BlueKitchen GmbH) and I were discussing a BTstack port for AVR-based embedded systems such as the Arduino. As an outcome, we co-designed the BTstack LE Arduino Shield which is now available for sale at Seeedstudio’s Bazaar. The BTstack LE Arduino Shield is supported on the following boards – with at least 64 kB Flash (tested with IDE v1.6.4): Arduino Mega 2560 R3 Arduino Mega 2560 Arduino Mega 1280 Sparkfun Mega 3.

Ramping up BLE-Shield v3.0.0 production

Hello everyone since the production of the BLE-Shield v3.0.0 is finally ramping up, I added a new product page showing a photo and descibing it features. Please take a look at the BLE-Shield v3.0.0 product page for futher details. Te design files are already available on github and the board will be available soon in Seeedstudio’s Bazaar. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have questions regarding the new module.

Ramping up the BLEBee v2.0.0 production

Hello everyone since the production of the BLEBee v2.0.0 is finally ramping up, I added a new product page showing a photo and descibing it features. Please take a look at the BLEBee v2.0.0 product page for futher details. The design files are already available on github and the board as of June 12th, 2015 is available in Seeedstudio’s Bazaar using this link. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have questions regarding the new module.

Pimp my UNO

Hello everyone, a few days ago I came accross this great add-on board for the Arduino UNO with DIP socket ATMega328: The Arduino UNO*Pro – Upgrade which transforms your Arduino UNO powered by a ATMega328 into a pro version running an ATMega1284p. Once I read about it on twitter I just ordered two of them to see how it goes. Just removed the old uC, added the extension board and copied the board files into the hardware folder as described in the product description page at hobbytronics.

Work in Progress: MiKro 328 BLuE

Hello everyone well maybe it is time to tell you about the project that still keeps me busy. Of course I’m not a company behind all the developments so it takes a little more time 🙂 The initial idea was similar to what Punch Through Design finally delivered with their Bean. If you are not familiar with the Bean you can take a look at it here, but promise to come back after you visited the Bean description.

BLE-Shield v3.0.0 and BLE-Shield v3.0.0 LR (Long Range)

Hello everyone, Initially I wanted to show the BLE-Shield v3.0.0 and the BLE-Shield v3.0.0 LR (Long Range) at Maker Faire Rome 2014, but they didn’t make it in time for a presentation in rome. Now I was able to solder the BLE113 and BLE121LR module using a simple hot plate successfully. Since both modules are equipped with 256kb flash, there is no need for additional SPI Flash memory chips or a USB port to support upgrading the firmware.

Presenting new Hardware on Maker Faire Rome 2014

Hello everyone, I’m happy to announce that I will present some new MiKro-Labs branded designs together with BlueKitchen ( at Maker Faire Rome 2014. I partnered up with Matthias Ringwald, the author of BTstack <(>) to create some BLE Shields which are running his Low Energy part of BTstack. I have not dropped support for Bluegiga based shields. They were not yet finished in time. There is a BLE-Shield v3.0.0 based on a BLE113 and a v3.

BLE Joystick powered by the BLEbee and some more parts...

Hello everyone, after creating the BLE-Shield and the BLEBee I decided to work a little more on gadgets. In this blogpost I will show you how to create a joystick kind of gadget that is connected to an iPhone running BLExplr over a BLE connection. In order to setup the BLE-Joystick you need the following parts: Arduino Leonardo ( DFRobot Input Shield v2 ( Seeedstudio Solar Charger Shield v2 (http://www.