Bridging EnOcean Sensors and Actuators to HomeKit using HAP-NodeJS

Hello HomeKit enthusiasts, after my catching up again with NodeJS and HomeKit sensor integration using HAP-NodeJS I ordered a couple of new sensors for the integration into our new home. I have already tweeted about an EnOcean enabled Window Handle which I’m going to tell you more about in this post as well. First of all I was using a Raspberry PI running HAP-NodeJS. In order to detect EnOcean telegrams sent out by the sensors I ordered a Add-On Board Enocean Pi 868Mhz and the NodeJS module node-enocean-utils.

HAP-NodeJS HomeKit Switch

Some time ago when we started planning the renovation of our house we were thinking of adding some HomeKit accessories. Lightbulbs are kind of massively available but in the wall mounted switches are kind of rare to get especially in Europe. So I decided to build something myself based on HAP-NodeJS. Well just building the accessory using some buttons is not a big deal but mounting it into something usable more of a challenge.