Bluetooth Low Energy

Latest addition: nRF52 Development Kit

Hey BLE developers after some months of planning and renovation we finally moved into our new home and I have again time to deal with hardware development kits and focus on HomeKit and Smarthome and Sensors and IoT and embedded systems and… and….and… Before xmas I have already ordered and unboxed the nRF52 Development kit from Nordic. I finally was able to go through the “Getting Started” document and downloaded a pile of sdks and documents to dig into.

Integrating BLE Kitchen Gadgets into Let's Cook!

Hello everyone, as I already mentioned in my previous blog post next step in the Let’s Cook! implementation, aside from fixing bugs and finally make the app Swift 3.0 ready, to integrate some premium features. Yes, premium means they will be available as InApp-Purchase. Those features will include accessing the following two BLE enabled kitchen devices: Anova Precision Cooker Redi Check ET-735 BBQ Thermometer I have already reverse engineered the GATT setup and the behaviour of the two devices and will post some details soon when the corresponding CocoaPods are setup on my GitHub account.