LILA - Independent Living Assistant

Hello everyone, after ages I published another article in the proceeding of the XII Usability Day in Dornbirn Austria: Kroll M., Schmidt-Weitmann S., Zecchino W., Otto U., Meienberger B., Brockes C. LILA – Long Independent Living Assistant in: Beiträge zum Usability Day XII, Assistenztechnik für betreutes Wohnen 16. Mai 2014 ISBN 978-3-89967-943-4 The article gives an introduction about the project/product I’m currently working on at emineo AG. Thanks for reading,

Using BLExplr v1.6.0 to upgrade Bluegiga's BLE112 or BLE113 firmware over the air (OTA)

Hello everyone, Bluegiga has released another SDK which supports OTA firmware upgrades. In v 1.2.2 of their SDK Bluegiga optimised the OTA procedure so I just digged into the Application Note “Implementing OTA Firmware upgrade”. After some issues on iOS and not knowing exactly how to deal with the “write without response” characteristics, I implemented the procedure which was only available on the BLEGUI2 app which is part of the SDK in BLExplr v1.

BLE-Shield v2.0.0 - Explaining the update firmware feature using DFU mode.

Hello everyone, since the BLE-Shield v2.0.0 availability on http://www.seeedstudio.com is imminent, I described how to update the BLE-Shield v2.0.0 firmware to act as an iBeacon and back to the original BLE-Shield v2.0.0 firmware. The update procedure has been added to the BLE-Shield v2.0.0 description: http://www.mkroll.mobi/?page_id=1124 Thanks for reading, Michael.

Arduino BLE Shield Kickstarter Project finally ended!

Hello everyone, I’m happy to announce that the BLE-Shield Kickstarter was finished with the shipment of the second batch. We have posted the final update on Kickstarter which you can read here: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/rowdyrobot/arduino-ble-shield-connecting-the-ios-and-the-ardu/posts Again I wanted to thank all backers who made this project possible. See you on the next project maybe, Michael.

The BLE-Shield is finally on Kickstarter !

Hello guys, finally I managed to get the BLE-Shield, teamed up with Jonathan Prevo and Don Mallicot again. See the following link to get to the Kickstarter Project: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/rowdyrobot/arduino-ble-shield-connecting-the-ios-and-the-ardu I decided to startover on Kickstarter, since the initial poll I made to get an estimate how many people are interested in a shield, showed me that I could never afford it to pay for this amount upfront. The final design of the Shield v1.